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I'm passionate about empowering and building the esteem of others and for me,
photography is a great medium to do so…

Because of Them, We Can™

Goal: To contemporize our history and inspire young people to be great by highlighting individuals, past and present, whose accomplishments have and continue to pave the way.

In the month of February, the campaign reached over 700k people per day on Facebook alone. To date we have grown the Facebook fan page by over 1,000% as we continue to share daily photos and share the message with others. We have gone from a photos on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter to billboards in urban areas and it is just the beginning.

It started as a Black History Month campaign in February 2013. If you were to tell me that I would get the idea the last week of January, shoot the campaign, have it go viral, leave my full-time job in order to pursue the project on a full-time basis, create posters, calendars, books and even billboards to carry the message, I would laugh...hysterically. As February came to a close, I realized that there were so many additional people I wanted to highlight through my images... so many accomplishments that we needed to be made aware of... I couldn't stop and I didn't. It started out as a project and has become a movement that continues to inspire, enlighten and humble me.

You can check out more images and tools from the campaign here

I AM Trayvon Martin

Goal: To provide individuals with a positive outlet to express their outrage over Trayvon Martin's murder while helping others realize that wearing a hoody doesn't make you suspicious.

Five months pregnant, carrying my 2nd son and looking for a way to express my outrage I announced a free 'I AM Trayvon Martin" photoshoot from my Facebook page on my ride home from work. We were inundated by t he response. So many people were looking for a way to express themselves and show their support in the call for justice. In addition to the photoshoot, I appealed to my photographer friends around the country to launch their own version of the photoshoot. One Photo, One Hoodie, One Goal... Justice.

You can check out more images from the campaign here

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